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4 Proven Methods for Office Time Management

Being an Office Manager of a trucking company can be a real commitment with serious responsibility that requires good planning, experience and composure. You are the glue that holds all major activities together. And since everyone needs your attention, this usually happens all at the same time. You are practically “the parent” of the company, and you have to keep the train on its tracks. So, to help make things run a little smoother and efficiently, I have listed a few “Time Saving habits” to enable you to stay on top of demands.

  • Use a Wall Calendar or Outlook Calendar

Tools for tracking with renewals are due. Wall calendars are a great visual!, hang it where all office staff can see. Write due dates for permits, registrations and other yearly renewals in advance, and write the reminder “1” month before the deadline to allow your self enough time to get it done.

Outlook Calendar is another great tool to share with others in your office, and this allows you to delegate the task of renewing to other office staff.

  • Create a User Friendly Filing System

Paper filing- A filing system should be organized by Vendors (people you pay) and Customers (people who pay you), in alphabetical order. This allows you to quickly find and organize your files.

Also create an Activity Log- This log will include at the top of the page- Main contact person, phone number, mailing address, physical address. Then below that, you should have several lines for time marking. Each time you speak with a customer or vender, whether it is a payment or changes in the account,that you discuss, write it down in the log. This will allow anyone in the office to know what is going on at any given time. And staple this activity log on the inside of the file folder.

  • Making Checklists

Make a checklist before the end of your day, with tasks that must get done the next day. Do not overload your list; and simply keep it as a “must do today” list. If you place a burden on your list by adding items that don’t need to get done till later in the week, then you will likely not get through your whole list and you will feel unsatisfied at the end of the day.

Premade Templets are a good choice for Project Management. to keep track of your job time lines, Project Costs, Miles Stones, inventory or dailey checklists. Project can also be a good resource tool for project mangement documents. This website can provide a veriety of templets that will meet you needs.

  • Clearing Your Desk Space

Ensure also to put everything aside and tidy up at the end of your day in the office so that you can easily jump right into work the next morning. Clearing up scattered files or papers all over your desk each afternoon takes just minutes because you only have one day’s worth of stuff to handle. If you wait until you have a pile, it could take all the time you are trying to make for the days business, therefore intruding on other schedules for the day.

Your time and your companies time is valuable, and the good habits that you can implement on daily basis will help save you more time, frustration of having to repeat yourself, and ultimately money. Good luck!

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